Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 83 – Planets, Cannibalism and Girl Scout Cookies

Saved from NASA’s tumblr page. An image of “living” on one of these new planets.

Ken & Kevin are on top of the news so naturally they talked about the seven planets that NASA discovered that happen to be in a habitable zone which would allow for the existence of water as we know it. How close to this system to ours? About how many generations would it take to fly there? Would one of the generations rebel on the spaceship since they didn’t sign up for such a long trip? Is it possible that the ultra cool dwarf star would flame out before the spaceship got there? How close together are these planets? What does that do to the rotation of the planets? Why is this system like the moons of Jupiter? How were these planets discovered? Is there any chance that we will know if aliens exist before the end of our lives? What further studies will be done on this system? If something is taboo, doesn’t that mean it isn’t common? Why would your headline undermine your point about cannibalism even before you did so in your own article? Why is it practical to not eat your own kind? And how is that connected to mad cow disease? Was this article more about humans or other instances of cannibalism in nature? Is it just a Western taboo and not an Eastern one for humans? Why was the Uruguyan rugby team that crashed in the Andes looked down upon because they had eaten some of their own teammates? Plenty of people eat Girl Scout cookies and don’t have a problem doing so. Why did Ken have a problem with one of their members selling the cookies out outside of a marijuana dispensery in San Francisco? How brilliant of a move is the location of sales from this Scout’s mother? Why will the Bell Time Beer be hard for our listeners to get their hands on? Find out the answers these questions and more when you click on the link below.

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