Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 86 – Neuralink, Evolution and Pens Vs Caps

Saved from Copyright to Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF.

Ken & Kevin are back in the saddle and they are trying something new. A post from has six parts and they’re going to break this article down one podcast at a time. Part 1 is called the Human Colossus and it explains the basics of evolution on Earth. They start at a living sponge and they go the whole way to the pocket computers that almost everyone carries around these days. Stops along this route include flatworms, rodents, tree mammals and eventually hominids. How did language help boost our efficiency as a species? Why do we drag Johannes Gutenberg’s good name through the mud even though he invented the printing press? Ken & Kevin have plenty of side bars to this conversation that relate back to their lives. They finish up the show talking about hockey and the recent defeat of the Washington Capitals by the Pittsburgh Penguins. How much of a dick was the Capitals fan in the video? And isn’t there a few bad apples among every team’s fans? Of course there’s a Bell Time Beer review of the recently brewed Pepper Porter, this time with vanilla. Hop on this evolution train and let your ears enjoy.

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