Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #100

The week’s “We Watch Stuff” is our not so historic `100th episode. Sure 100 looks like a lot but that isn’t even a full two years of shows. So no balloons and champagne as the boys get right in to talking about The Defenders. After last week’s show dealing with Iron Fist has anyone changed their opinion after seeing the trailer? What about The Dark Tower? What surprising movie leads 2017 for domestic box office supremacy?  What WWE produced movie impressed? Boy did the Wonder Woman marketing ramp up this week. The boys also discuss Kevin Owens and his fine performance as a truly hated wrestling heel. Can Titus O’Neil pull some personality out of Apollo Crews?  Why is Charlie Strong getting called out by a judge for something he had nothing to do with? Why don’t universities give players extra money? Who is worse; Baylor or Penn State. Oh yeah, the how went in a direction we didn’t expect but it is really good. So climb on board this semi-historic episode and give a listen.

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