Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 10 July ’17

The Menil Collection in Houston TX. Designed by Renzo Piano. Saved from and courtesy of Hickey & Robertson and The Renzo Piano Workshop.

The WWE starts off with a recap of Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. But the first to hit the ring is Big Cass. He served notice to everyone in the locker room that he can beat up a guy half the size. He’s doing a decent job of getting heat. Big Show gets to job to the newly minted blue chipper. Much to my surprise, Show starts whooping on him and Cass needs to retreat.

Elias Samson not getting the response Big Cass did. For some reason, he’s still in a feud with Finn Balor. It’s amazing he can still get a good response with the garbage hand he’s been dealt since his injury. Samson (29) and Balor (35) are both “young men.” I may let Samson slide but Balor is not getting that distinction. I’m dying when Booker T says “contentionship” and Graves stops him dead in his tracks telling him it isn’t a word. To boot, Graves doesn’t tell him the correct word. It’s just contention Booker. Samson got too much offense but Coup De Grace for the victory for Balor.

Jeff & Matt Hardy get to greet Finn Balor as they come to the ring. They’re not done yet. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are the only people who thought they were done. They’re delusional enough to still think they will get heat by saying nerds. At least to their credit, they accept a match proposed by the Hardyz. Boot of Doom can’t pin Jeff. Matt gets a hot tag. Magic Killer for the win. The Revival come down to get heat by beating up the already beaten Hardyz. In in victory, Gallows & Anderson can’t win.

The Miz is presenting The Mizzies to us. Please don’t give one to Dean Ambrose to extend this feud. My dream doesn’t come true as Ambrose is mentioned during The Mizzies. Shouldn’t Brock Lesnar be offended by The Miz’s claim about having the most relevant Championship? Ambrose goes right after The Miz but he gets beat down quickly. Seth Rollins makes the save. Could be interesting. Could be nothing. Ambrose still does not like Rollins.

Sasha Banks introduces Bayley. They’re fighting Nia Jax & Alexa Bliss. Michael Cole must be drunk. He said Banks gave Bliss a cheap shot on the apron. Baby faces only give out deserved attacks, sir. Get with wrestling conventions already. Bayley puts some offense on Jax. Bliss distracts her though so Jax can take back over. Bliss tries to attack Banks but fails. The plan works anyway and Jax splashes Bayley in the corner. Bliss then forearms Banks who got back on the apron. Twisted Bliss connects. Banks makes the save. Jax throws Banks outside and follows her. Jax runs herself into the barricade. Bayley rolls up Bliss for the win.

Goldust & R Truth are still feuding. We get an encore performance. It’d be great if this could stay out of the ring.

We get the same video package on Reigns & Strowman.

R Truth comes out. He’s mad that the Usos & New Day had a rap battle without him. Goldust comes out and they actually have a match after two heated encounters. Curtain Call for the win. No one cares. The arena would be louder if it were all crickets in attendance.

Kurt Angle still getting the “You Suck” chant. He tells us Great Balls of Fire is coming back next year. Those rights fees must be expensive. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out. Angle congratulates him. Lesnar & Heyman wants no part of Angle’s idea for Summerslam. They go to leave. Roman Reigns shows up. Angle is mad about Reigns going to far. Reigns tries to use the Attitude Era for his actions. Reigns tells us that Angle can’t handle Strowman and Lesnar is never around to do it himself. Angle owes Reigns one and wants Lesnar at Summerslam. Samoa Joe comes out. Looks like we’re getting a multi-man match at Summerslam. Joe is pissed at both Lesnar & Reigns. Heyman tells us that Joe isn’t getting another Title shot. Angle makes a match for number 1 contender between Joe & Reigns next week.

Kurt Angle & Corey Graves are still harboring some secret that will wreck Angle even though he’s going to admit to his rampant drug use in the documentary on the WWE Network after Raw.

Cedric Alexander & Akira Tozawa are taking on Noam Dar & Neville. Titus O’Neil & Alicia Fox are at ring side. Alexander gets to show off his moves. Alexander then gets crotched on the top rope. Alexander fights off a Superplex and crotches Neville. Tozawa tags in and returns a favor from last night. Senton from the top rope for the win. Sure fire way to get a re-match.

Seth Rollins stumbles over “Darn” wishing he could say “Damn” like Brock Lesnar can. Wyatt knows he can’t hang with Rollins which is why he took the cheap way out. Bray Wyatt is angry at Rollins for down grading his win.

The first big move of the match is Wyatt punching the ring post. It looks less painful than punch the post itself. Rollins works over the hand. Wyatt takes control before the break. Rollins takes back over by picking on the hand again. He follows with a volley of kicks to gain control. Rollins gives Wyatt Slingblade. Wyatt rolls out of the ring. Suicide Dive by Rollins. Wyatt tries to stop some running forearms but gets a boot to the mouth for changing at Rollins. A Block Buster only gets a two count. Wyatt catches Rollins trying to come off the top. Rollins turns things around quickly with a Falcon Arrow. Rollins goes for the Rainmaker Knee Strike but Wyatt head butts him in the eye. Sister Abigail for the win. I like the more definitive win for Wyatt. The Miztourage comes out and surrounds the ring They attack. Dean Ambrose comes out with a chair and clears the heels. Kurt Angle ends Raw by talking about some mysterious her. If Dixie Carter is getting an on screen part in the WWE, I give up. – Kevin DiFrango

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