Stunt Granny Audio 422 – Baron Corbin’s Botch, The Shield and Summerslam

Kevin & Shahid are back together and they’re ready to talk about some wrestling. They start off by talking about the epic fail of Baron Corbin cashing in the Money In The Bank briefcase. Will this be the beginning of the end for Corbin or will this finally give him a character on WWE TV and not just Talking Smack? Does John Cena finally have a reason to want to beat Corbin? Was it a good thing to have Akira Tozawa‘s win over Neville for the Cruiser Weight Championship on Raw instead of hour 1 of 6 for Summerslam? With Cesaro & Sheamus doing well finally, is there any chance that the reunited Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins don’t win on Sunday? How hot was the crowd for that reunion? If Roman Reigns joins back in, will he finally be cheered? How easy is it to predict a Brock Lesnar win with a feud with Braun Strowman starting soon there after? Is Samoa Joe taking away from the popularity of Strowman? Why does the women’s roster on Raw have too many heels while there are too many faces on Smackdown Live? Why did the WWE have Charlotte become a baby face? Is that why Sasha Banks can’t turn heel on Raw? How much is CM Punk regretting leaving at this point? Why didn’t the red viscous acid fluid turn Finn Balor into Two Face? Has Bray Wyatt‘s character gained any traction despite an unending list of high profile feuds? What matches on the Summerslam card did they forget to talk about? Did they get to NXT Takeover Brooklyn III? How about the Mae Young Classic? How long is this podcast? Find out by clicking the link below!

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