Stunt Granny Audio 425 – Owens vs McMahon, Big Show and Mae Young Classic

Saved from the band

Chris & Kevin are back together and they’re ready to talk wrestling as usual. They start off with Smackdown Live, specifically the Kevin Owens and his confrontation with Shane McMahon. Why is Kevin not getting into it while Chris is? Is it worth the time to note that this feud is similar to the one Owens had with Jim Cornette in Ring of Honor? Why is SDL building to next week’s Las Vegas show? When was the last time Vince McMahon was on SDL? Was the win by Shinsuke Nakamura over Randy Orton inevitable? Will Nakamura end up in a Hell In a Cell match against Jinder Mahal? Has Mahal gotten a chance to shine in the ring yet? Was it nice of SDL to reclaim “Asshole Brand” title with Carmella‘s promo on James Ellsworth? Who isn’t looking forward to The Usos vs New Day in a street fight next week? The guys move on to Raw and start off with Roman Reigns again having little material to respond to John Cena for the second consecutive week. Did Reigns getting Cena to back down from a fight help him out at all? Is Braun Strowman being built up like Reigns should have been? Will he take the Universal Title off of Brock Lesnar at No Mercy? How enjoyable was Strowman’s match with Big Show this week? Will that be Show’s last match with the WWE? Why does the WWE put Nia Jax in a position to get the Women’s Title only to put her in a four way match? Speaking of the ladies, Chris & Kevin end by talking about the Mae Young Classic in general. How good is the talent? How much praise can they heap on Kairi Sane? Who else has been a stand out in the tournament? Is Ronda Rousey going to get a run in the WWE or is she just coming in for a big tag match? What else do the guys talk about? Click on the link to find out!

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