Stunt Granny Audio 427 – Dolph Ziggler, Enzo Amore and Mickie James

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Chris & Kevin are back to talking about the weekly WWE product. They start off by talking about all of the curious cases on Smackdown Live, like Dolph Ziggler. Could anyone benefit more from gong to the Independents more than him? Would he be able to replicate something like what Cody (Don’t Call Him Rhodes) has done? Is Bobby Roode, his opponent at Hell in a Cell, also a curious case? Will Mike Bennett continue to be a curious case now that he’s out of rehab? Will Baron Corbin become a closed case if he loses his US Championship opportunity against AJ Styles? Will Tye Dillinger be anything more than fodder on the main event? Will Shinsuke Nakamura win the Smackdown Championship if the match with Jinder Mahal doesn’t take place in a Cell? Will the Cell be a feud ender for The Usos and New Day even if the Usos get the Tag Team Titles back? Why is Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon being written so well with so many other curious cases on the brand? Chris & Kevin move on to Raw and talk about Enzo Amore. Did he really move the needle for 205 Live? Is anyone actually upset with this move if it get the cruiser weight more air time? Why Dean Ambrose was sent out to take on Braun Strowman if Roman Reigns is in an angle that requires a Shield reunion? How laughable are Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel? Is there a chance The Miz brings in hired help like Samoa Joe & Strowman for help against The Shield? Is Finn Balor Raw’s version of a curious case? Will he get a chance at Brock Lesnar? Will Mickie James finally help the women’s division like was envisioned when she takes on Alexa Bliss? Will Sasha Banks & Bayley ever have the triggered pulled on their always simmering rivalry? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you click the link below!

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