Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 91 – #SaveTheCrew, Skycam, Alpha Go Zero & Robobee

Logo for the #SaveTheCrew Movement

Ken & Kevin are back again, even if things are out of order. Episode 90 will be posted next week. On their docket this week though are a couple of timely topics. The first emanates from their home town now, Columbus. Specifically the #SaveTheCrew movement which started when the owner of the local soccer club, Anthony Precourt, decided to threaten the city of Columbus with relocation of the Columbus Crew to Austin, Texas. Why is this happening? What are Kevin’s feelings considering he’s been a season ticket holder for 8 years? They then turn to talking about their “local” football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. More specifically the Skycam that will be used at tonight’s game on NBC. Isn’t this camera just a better version of the over head camera used in the XFL? Why was NBC forced to use this during the recent New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons match up? Will it be used more frequently? They stay on the technology front and update a story they did about an Artificial Intelligence machine called Alpha Go that beat a Grand Master in the game Go. One year later, Alpha Go Zero was created and trounced Alpha Go, 100 games to 0. How did such a large improvement happen? Does this mean machines are ready to take over? What hindered the old AI? Their last technology topic is Harvard’s new Robobee which can take flight out of water. Why is that so impressive? How large is this Robobee? What mechanisms does to use to get out of the water? As usual, Ken & Kevin enjoyed a Bell Time Beer during the show. If you want to know what it is, click the link below!

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