Stunt Granny Presents – OHPA 89 – The Language Episode

Voynich Manuscrpit saved from

Ken & Kevin are back with a variety of topics based around language and hearing. They start off with what is an ongoing topic in episode 90, The US Embassy in Cuba having problems with employees getting sick. What is exactly happening? When did these occurrences start? Why did the FBI get invited to investigate the problems?  They move along to find out which language is the most efficient? Is it English? Will Kevin’s knowledge of German help them smooth out this argument? How deep into Spanish did Ken get? The guys then move along to a language that has still yet to be cracked. It is in the book named the Voynich Manusript. The book was discovered 600 years ago so why hasn’t the code been cracked? Why did news about this book come about recently? Did someone finally solve it? Ken & Kevin end with a more modern topic, should one say “You’re Welcome” or “No problem” after someone says “Thank you?” Why is this such a divisive topic? Do your co-hosts side with the old people or those damn millennials when it comes to this phrasing? What was the Bell Time Beer of the Week? Find out the answer to these questions and more when you click the link below!


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