Stunt Granny Audio 436 – NXT, Asuka and Daniel Bryan

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Kevin & Shahid are here a day late, but with a dollar more since both of them watched NXT on the USA Network. Was this an experiment to see if USA would want NXT every week? Did the show deviate from their standard formula? Will the WWE go exclusively to Facebook to air their product? Are they just trying to put their hands into as many cookie jars as possible to make their product viable? Is anyone interested in the Mix Match event on FB? The guys move along to the main roster and talk about the slowed down version of the WWE. Isn’t it a good thing that the stories are moving slow with the holidays using up our time? Does anyone want to see a one on one match between Kane & Brock Lesnar? How did that match not happen before? Will those two end up in a triple threat with Braun Strowman? How ridiculous have the Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt dueling promos been? How does that fit beside the three previous beasts ready to maul each other? Why does Finn Balor not quite fit into the Raw main event picture? Why did the women’s Raw locker room save Asuka when she let all of them hang out to dry? How are the ladies doing now that Absolution and the Riott Squad are filling the main roster? Will they ever get women’s tag team titles? Don’t they have enough women on the roster for it now? One of the few interesting story lines in the WWE is the feuding of Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens with Shane McMahon. Will Daniel Bryan end up in a match with Shane at Wrestlemania? If that happens, how many fans on the internet will freak out? Not these two which is why you need to click on the link below!

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