Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 94 – Sharks, Rabbits and Birds, oh my!

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Ken & Kevin are talking about animals this week. They start by talking about a Greenland Shark that was reported to be 512 years old. How old were they really? How much older are they than most living creatures? Would you trade life on the surface to live much longer under icebergs in Greenland? How crazy is it that there’s an ecosystem there at all? The guys then move on to Okunoshima Island in the Sea of Japan which is overrun by rabbits. What problems have tourists created since a famous Youtube video in 2014? How often do rabbits really mate? What do rabbits diets really consist of? Do they Is that creating problems on this two and a half mile around island? Ken & Kevin then wonder to the United Kingdom where people are installing “anti-bird spikes” in their trees. How extreme is this measure? If you have this much money, don’t you have a big enough garage to fit your car in? The guys end by talking about the Bell Time Beer of the Show. What is it? Click the link to find out!

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