Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 98 – King of Kong, Crayfish, Elon Musk and Dwarf Hamsters

Courtesy of Elon Musk’s Instagram

Ken & Kevin are back to talk about some of the stranger things happening in this world. They start by talking about the possibility of Billy Mitchell being stripped of one of his high scores in Donkey Kong. He was one of the subjects of the 2005 movie The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. How does this story play out from the onset? How did Mitchell’s record last until it was broken by Steve Weibe? Why is the record possibly being stripped? Who reviews these claims of video game greatness to verify their truth?  It has been verified that there is a crayfish that is asexually reproducing. Where did they start? Where have the spread to? What memories does Kevin have of crayfish from his childhood? They then move on to follow up on a couple of stories from OHPA 97. First they talk about more space junk, this time launched by Elon Musk and the people at Space X. Falcon Heavy carried a Tesla Roadster pictured above. Did Musk commit the perfect crime by launching a body into space? How well did they secure the “Starman” in the car? Where is this rocket supposed to orbit? Ken & Kevin wrap up by talking about an emotional support dwarf hamster. What was the passenger allegedly told after the rodent was denied to travel? What did she end up doing to the hamster? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you click the link below!

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