Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #131

What else would you expect the guys at “We Watch Stuff” to talk about. Pardon the verbal misnumbering as this is show #131 and it is all about Black Panther.  What did the boys think about the flick/ Does it live up to the hype or does it understandably fall short? Why was this different than other marvel movies? Would this have gotten made under a different regime? Did marvel stumble in to this film? Why does Spider-Man matter in all of this? How much will this movie make around the world? Does it have a chance of out gaining Infinity War? Who didn’t understand dinosaurs made noises? Who had a good time at Forest Whitaker’s expense? All of this and so much more in a special longish episode of the show. So, grab a drink and get to listening. Please.

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