Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 102 – Billy Mitchell, Drugs In Video Games, “Alien” body and Very Ancient Civilizations

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Ken & Kevin took a couple of weeks off but they’re ready for more hi jinks. They go back to a recent topic and talk about Billy Mitchell being taken off the record books of Twin Galaxies for his Donkey Kong scores. Why did they strip him of his other titles that weren’t associated the the Donkey Kong emulator? Did a change in ownership at Twin Galaxies help this change happen? The guys continue to talk about video games by talking about someone who bought a Nintendo Entertainment System Golf & Rollergames cartridges only to find mystery packages inside of them. What was inside of the packages? Why would you alert the police about this happening? Why does this topic get Ken & Kevin to proclaim 1988 as the greatest year in video games? The guys both drop terrible segues to move on to their next subject which was a mummified skeleton found in Chile. Is it an alien or a human? How well does an arid climate like the desert help preserve a body? Their last topic of the night digs even deeper into the earth. Is it possible that there was another technologically advanced civilization before us on Earth? How would it be possible to find if such a civilization happened? How long ago could this period have been? Does that mean there were talking dinosaurs? What was the Bell Time Beer of the show? Click on the link below to find out.

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