Stunt Granny Audio 453 – Bruno Sammartino, The Greatest Royal Rumble & The Women of Backlash

Chris & Kevin are ready to talk about Bruno Sammartino. Did Kevin’s family have a connection to him because of Pittsburgh and the Italian heritage? When does Chris remember earliest of watching Bruno? How much of his run was when either of your hosts was alive? How many of his matches are in the WWE archives? What other material can you listen to to hear about his life story?  They move along to present day wrestling and as usual start on Smackdown Live since it’s freshest in their memory. Could they end this next match between AJ Styles & Nakamura with a cheap finish? Who bought on Big Cass and who wasn’t so sure about his performance? Would he have been better suited as the Miz‘s body guard? Will The Miz bring the Intercontinental Title back to Smackdown Live? Will The Bar go back to Raw if they win the Raw Brand Titles? Who is more annoying, Carmella or the IIConics? Did the women get more of a feature on TV this week because they aren’t participating in the Greatest Royal Rumble card? Did you see how long that card is even without the women? Will you be taking off work to watch the event? Is Roman Reigns in trouble if he loses to Brock Lesnar again? Who are his opponents if Reigns does win? Did the WWE ship all the good heels to SDL? What else do the guys talk about? Plenty so just click on the link below.

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