Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #137


Even on the day before travelling across country for WrestleMania; “We Watch Stuff” is back with a new show. The boys obviously talk about wrestling and all of the weekends festivities. Who doesn’t like nostalgia shows? Is there too much wrestling going on over the weekend? Who are the favorites for the NXT matches? Is NXT in a weird place based on the deluge of talent they have currently? Why did The Rock choose this time to come clean about his dealings with Vin Diesel? How bad must things have gotten for him to address it in such a harsh manner? Speaking of harsh; how about Black Lightning? Have we ever seen one of our superheroes treated in such a realistic fashion? Did Legends jump over Black Lightning as the best Arrowverse show? How much does a haircut cost nowadays Are barbershops just like they appear in the Barbershop movies? All of this and so much more All you have to do is download.

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