Stunt Granny Audio – Wrestlemania 34 Preview – Smackdown Live

I met the Miz at Emeril’s last time we were in New Orleans. Stunt Granny LLC/ Kevin DiFrango

Jeremy & Kevin are back at it again, this time talking about the Smackdown Live portion of the Wrestlemania 34 card. They start off with the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. How long can they talk about how much this match doesn’t matter? They move on to the United States Championship match. Is Rusev the only person really over in this match? Will they not hinder Jinder? Do one of your hosts take an RKO? Why do they present Bobby Roode badly and keep him miscast? They pick uo steam by talking about Asuka taking on Charlotte. Will Carmella play into the result of this match? Will Charlotte break the Streak? How good does the tag team title match look with The Usos, New Day and the Bludgeon Brothers? Why did they all have that weird back stage skit on SD Live? Is it conceivable that Daniel Bryan could be pinned in his return match against Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn? How great of a heel has Zayn been? Will Shane McMahon be the weak link that takes the loss? When did AJ Styles start talking to Vince McMahon about taking on Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestlemania? Could this be one of the best matches ever at WM? What are their predictions? Find out when you click the link.

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