Stunt Granny Audio 456 – All In and the WWE World

Four String Hilltop Lager while watching ROH & recording the podcast. Kevin DiFrango/Stunt Granny LLC

Chris & Kevin are behind the mics this week adn they talk about their impending trip[ to Chicago for All In. How amazing is it that they sold 10,000 seats even if you account for the secondary market? How did they do this using a roster that is mostly made of Ring of Honor & New Japan talent when neither can draw that many people on their own? How many women wrestlers are announced for the show currently? How far in advance did we have to buy these tickets? The guys move back to their usual realm of WWE talk by discussing the Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey challenge. Is it better for Rousey to learn against the likes Mickie James without the championship and not be a focal point of the women’s division or does the WWE give her the championship now because it will be good short term publicity? Are all of the UK shows underwhelming? How will Bobby Roode fair in the MITB Ladder match? Why did Kurt Angle have to determine all of his participants for MITB this week when Paige is spacing it out on Smackdown Live? How strange is it that neither Sasha Banks nor Bayley are in the women’s MITB match? Does Alexa Bliss need the briefcase? Wouldn’t she be the perfect heel to use it though? What else did the guys talk about? Click the link below to find out!

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