Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #142

“We Watch Stuff” is back again with the boys discussing a bunch of topics they hadn’t planned on getting in to. So what purpose would Hulk Hogan serve if he was brought back in to the WWE fold? Yup, the boys finally got to this topic after reading Shelton Lee’s guest editorial on Why do people even want Hulk Hogan back? Is there a split in reactions based on Facebook comments? You know the answer already don’t you? When does Ramadan actually start? How do the people practicing Islam not even know? How can the Flash start so well and end up being the same old thing? What changed on Supergirl? Doesn’t it feel like this season should be over already? Is Margot Kidder your Lois Lane? The boys discuss her life after her passing this week.  What did Shahid learn from his Rocky marathon?  All of this and much more so get to listening.


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