Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 104 – Bank Error Bonanza and Lots of Crazy People

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Ken & Kevin are back for a romp in the wacky world of people this week. They start by talking about an Australian gentleman nicknamed “Milky” who was down on his luck when he discovered that he could over draft his savings account without a limit. How did he find out this error? When did he start using this loop hole to it’s full capacity? How much did he end up pulling out before the valve got shut off? What happened after the cut off happened? How can it be crazier than the loop hole? The guys move along to talking about a whole different crazy, the type that texts someone 500 times a day. A woman texted a date a total of 65,000 texts after their first date. Did she get a second date? How can you text that many times in a day? Why did the date not block her on his phone? Ken & Kevin turn to another type of crazy, one that cooks a 50,000 year old bison to eat for dinner guests. Did the guests know what they were eating? How did it taste? They weren’t done with crazy yet because they talk about the man who bumped thousands off of World of Warcraft because of a nemesis. What did he get sentenced to for this decision? How much did this indiscretion cost WOW? The guys wrap up by talking about someone buying a brand new Sega Game Gear Sonic The Hedgehog 2 which came out around 20 years ago. How does that happen? Find out that and what the Bell Time Beer of the Week was when you click the link below!

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