Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 107 – Maine, Canada, Car hood and Vinnie Paul

Vinnie Paul & Dimebag Darrell from Pantera and Damageplan. Annamaria DiSanto/Getty Images. Saved from Guitar World.

Ken & Kevin are talking politics for a change this week. Would the type of change Maine is instating help make people more invested? What exactly is ranked choice voting system? How does that differ from our system now? Why has a third party never gotten a foot hold on a larger scale? Would Jesse Ventura be the biggest name in third party politics? How many people live in Maine and how does that impact the voting? Since we’re up north, the guys talked about a crazy couple at a convenience store in Canada that caused quite a commotion. Why is it that most of our crazy people stories come from the US & UK? What was happening at the back door since neither criminal could manage to get out that way? How did this store have this many good camera angles? How did they catch the women’s fall through the ceiling? Didn’t it look like a cartoon? They do follow up with a crazy story from Miami in which a gentleman is riding on the hood of a car going approximately 70 MPH. How dangerous was it for the cameraman to be taping it and driving himself? How did this whole fight start? Why wouldn’t the guy get off before they got on the highway? They take a short look at a man who died installing a new tap system at Suntrust Park in Atlanta. What did his tap system do? How much money was it expected to help generate by serving beer faster? They close out by talking about the late Vinnie Paul Abbott from the bands Pantera, Damageplan and HellYeah.

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