Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 108 – Final Deployment, Johnny Depp and Sports Betting Data

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Ken & Kevin start the show off by talking about the new short on Adult Swim called Final Deployment. Do you remember the video called Too Many Cooks? Those guys did this one too. What links between the videos can be found? How much work went into creating a fake game? Is that a reason why there were three years between both of these shorts? The guys move along to talk about a rambling interview that Johnny Depp gave to Rolling Stone. How much money has he lost? How long have we watched him on TV or in the movies? How many houses does this guy own? Why won’t he sell one of them? Who else in his family is involved in this fiasco? Did this interview do the exact opposite of what Depp intended? Sports betting is a common way to lose lots of money, so what is happening with the game data now that betting is becoming more legal through out the United States including Pennsylvania? Why is the game data so important to the betting equation. Does it matter if people are betting on data gathered by the sports book and not the league being bet on? Will the guys be betting on anything in the near future? What was the Bell Time Beer of the Show? Find out when you click the link below.

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