Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 109 – Balloons, Spiders, Motion Sickness Glasses and Black Sarcophagus

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Ken & Kevin are back again and talking about a curious way to commit suicide. Why would someone go through these lengths to do it? How easy is it to figure after looking at someone’s search history? Why is the “smoking gun” unable to be found? Is this just another example of wealth can’t bring you happiness? Could this special pair of glasses bring someone happiness who has motion sickness? How do they work? And why is motion sickness a thing? Do either of your hosts have this problem? Speaking of travel, how do spiders get onto ships at sea? Who was one of the earlier observers of this phenomenon? How did researchers experiment on spiders to get the results they wanted? How do electromagnetic fields factor into this skill of spiders? Were the guys worried about giant spiders coming out of the black sarcophagus found in Alexandria Egypt? Why did this conversation veer into talking about Alexander the Great’s vast empire? What was actually found when they opened the sarcophagus? Was the Rock in attendance? What Bell Time Beer did the guys use to celebrate this great finding? Click on the link to find out!

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