Stunt Granny Audio 470 – Summerslam Aftermath

Stunt Granny LTD/Kevin DiFrango

Kevin & Shahid are behind the microphones this week and they’re ready to condense about 12 hours of WWE programming into one hour and a half long show. They decided to talk about Roman Reigns finally winning the big one but isn’t he a heel now for having his buddies Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose look out for him now that he’s Universal Champion? Will Braun Strowman get the Championship off Reigns any time soon? How interesting was the flow of Summerslam itself with several squash matches that included Strowman and Kevin Owens. The biggest squash of the night may go to Ronda Rousey handling Alexa Bliss. Are the guys able to quantify how well Rousey is still doing? How does she flip the switch so well from sweet heart out of the ring to killer in the ring? Don’t both Becky Lynch and Charlotte have good points in their new feud? Will Charlotte get booed because people do believe nepotism earned her a spot? Can we sign a petition to get Randy Orton to stop pulling on ear holes? Wasn’t Jeff Hardy justified in his level of assault because of that happening? Who’s ready to live in the United States of Nakamura? How well did Brie Bella clock the Miz? Will the Bellas end up with a match against Rousey? What other ground do the guys cover? Did the guys talk about Ricochet not killing himself after getting super kicked doing a moonsault by Adam Cole? Why would anyone think Velveteen Dream could hide his tights before Takeover? Click on the link to find out!

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