Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 10 Sept. ’18

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The WWE starts us off the formal on TV announcement that Renee Young was going to be doing commentary on Raw full time going forward. I thought Jonathan Coachman was trying to bring a new dynamic from his time at ESPN but it just wasn’t working. People are still trying to start to start a “Get These Hands” chant. Dolph Ziggler is getting to ad lib for writing that is happening on the fly. Braun Strowman is pleased with the results. Drew McIntyre gets to throw it to a video package. The rest of the heel locker room is still behind them. It’ll last until Hell In A Cell. The Shield shows up. They start brawling with the heel locker room. They get the upper hand by using axe handles.

Baron Corbin talks down The Shield from attacking the officers. They agree to vacate the premises which should always be viewed through wrestling glasses.

Nikki Bella is taking on Ruby Riott. Brie Bella is in one corner while Liv Morgan is in the other. Riott is in control at the break. Riott has a kravat locked in. Nikki fires back finally. Nikki pulling out an arsenal of kicks which is a surprise. A Downward Spiral turns the momentum back in Riott’s direction. It didn’t last long. Brie cuts off Liv Morgan from interfering. Rack Attack 2.0 for the win. Sarah Logan shows up after the match.

Drake Maverick is leading AoP to more squash matches on Raw. Poor Ronny Ace & Nathan Bradley are the squashees by Akam & Rezar. Super Collider for the win.

They previewed Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy. Interesting since SD Live makes less appearances like that than Raw does on their turf.

HHH is ready to respond to The Undertaker. He’s laughing at the Undertaker for taking anyone’s opinion personal especially since he’s a heavy favorite to beat HHH in polls. Taker shouldn’t be offended by Michaels opinion because it doesn’t mean anything. HHH is pissed now because Taker made it personal. He’s ready to take him out Down Under.

Ziggler & McIntyre are giving The B Team their rematch. I’m assuming The Revival gets involved somehow. I mean, they’re not truly old school if they don’t seek retribution. Ziggler gets to sell for Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas. McIntyre boots Dallas off the apron for a break. McIntyre holds Axel on his back, Ziggler super kicks him low then McIntyre flap jacks him. Ouch. Bo Dallas gets a hot tag. Ziggler is again the victim. McIntyre head butts Axel out cold. He then distracts the ref on his way to the apron. Ziggler claws at Dallas’s eyes. Zig Zag & Clay More for the win.

Seth Rollins messes with Corbin saying that the Shield is gone since they changed shirts. Dean Ambrose points out to Corbin that there’s only 2 of them and Roman Reigns is in the Shield. Rollins is going to have Corbin arrested for charges not yet named. Corbin begs off and offers to discuss things in private with Rollins. Ambrose admits to several crimes while the private discussion happens. Rollins is pleased with the results. Ambrose ready for the officer to bail him out the next time he needs it.

Kevin Owens gets to take on “Bump Machine” Tyler Breeze. Owens power bombs him on the apron so there isn’t a match. Owens grabs the mic and says he can do anything he wants to on Raw. He’s ready to do it to Bobby Lashley because he hurt his friend Sami Zayn for such a long time.

Maybe the SD Live vignettes are a product of the dual brand PPVs and I just haven’t paid attention. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe recap this time.

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable are still a team. They could really have a dynamic similar to that of Gable & Jason Jordan. It’s pretty bad that I can’t remember if The Ascension were their victims. Good thing I write about these things. While I look for an answer, Gable tags himself in for a second time. Rolling German Suplex for the win so Roode is excited. Jordan was a skeptic of Gable at first. Roode is in that pocket now.

Dolph Ziggler is upset. Baron Corbin gives them the bad news that they have to fight Ambrose & Rollins at HIAC. Braun Strowman is going “Big Dog Hunting.”

Alexa Bliss & Mickie James are in the match and Alicia Fox is accompanying them. Ronda Rousey & Natalya are their opponents. Naturally Nattie is in first and taking the beat down. Bliss goes for the arm bar again. Nattie rolls her up to reverse it. Bliss slaps Rousey. Ronda chases. Bliss runs into Natalya’s arms. Hart Attack when Rousey comes back into the ring. Natalya is taking a beat down again. Bliss gets cocky again which creates the opening for the hot tag again. Bliss retreats outside. She tosses Rousey into the barricade then the apron. Bliss & James work over her ribs in the ring. Rousey finally recovers. She locks in the arm bar as she stared down Bliss. Alexa attacks from behind but then flees quickly.

Elias doesn’t get to far when Mick Foley interrupts. He informs us that he’s going to be special guest referee for Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman. Elias tells Foley to shut up after the fact. Foley then informs us that Elias is having a match against Finn Balor.

Braun Strowman is an example the Riott Squad should emulate.

Balor & Elias have their match. Balor is getting in more offense than I expected early. Elias finally turns it around. Balor goes for a Coup De Grace. Elias avoids it. Small Package for the Balor win.

Bobby Lashley is approached by Lio Rush. I mean, if they think Lashley needs a mouth piece, Rush is a good choice.

Charley Caruso tells Strowman to go to the ring to get Roman Reigns attention. That is the realest thing that has been said on this broadcast. Strowman follows her advice. He’s going to take out Mick Foley if he decides to do anything dumb during the HIAC match. Reigns shows up standing on the announce table. They have a short scuffle. Strowman tries to toss him off of it. Reigns puts him on his shoulders then Samoan Drops him through the floor near the announce table. Reigns stands tall. Does that mean Strowman wins on Sunday? – Kevin DiFrango

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