Stunt Granny Audio 473 – Renee Young, The Hardys and Network Programming

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Chris, Jeremy & Kevin are together because they really don’t feel like covering the usual WWE weekly programming from this week. How about some football? They do get to one bright spot of Raw, Renee Young being a full time commentator. How did Jonathan Coachman manage to be so underwhelming after 15 years in the business? How crazy is it that Michael Cole has been in the WWE for 22 years? Why did Young ignore Dean Ambrose‘s arrest? Haven’t they already acknowledged their relationship on TV multiple times? How amuses was Samoa Joe congratulating her on her new position? Does Jeremy like where Joe & AJ Styles is going? Is their feud suffering because Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy are the Smackdown Live participants in Hell In a Cell? Did the guys ever find out if Napoleonic Law is actually in existence in New Orleans? Can we be reminded why Roman Reigns is the baby face and Braun Strowman is the heel in their feud? How did complaining about the Bella Twins turn into a long discussion on what kind of programming should be on the WWE Network? The main idea is an all women’s weekly show for those not on TV for their respective brands. It’s a great discussion so click the link below.

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