Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 118 – Artisanal Brooms, Dieting Advice, Dad Jokes and The Last Jedi Critics

Stunt GRanny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango. Lady Vampire by Helena Nikulina.

Ken & Kevin talk about their favorite football team and some beer to kick off the show. They then move to their first topic, artisanal brooms. Is the headline misleading in this article? How much does a standard hand made broom cost? What are the benefits of making it this way? Would you save money and waste less if you bought a long lasting broom? The guys continue on the old school track by talking about a woman following 1970s dieting advice. How much alcohol was involved in this diet? What two proteins were you allowed to eat? How long were you supposed to go on this diet? Ken & Kevin then get around to talking about “Dad jokes.” Did either of their father’s have these type of jokes? Have you heard too many of them on this very podcast? What exactly makes up a “Dad joke”? Does every language have some akin to “Dad jokes”? When did “Dad jokes” start to be a thing? They finish up by talking about the possibility of The Last Jedi critics being partially to blame because of political stances. Click on the link below for the best dad jokes you’ll ever hear.

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