Stunt Granny Audio 486 – Tribute To The Troops, Women Run The WWE and New Heels

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Kevin & Shahid are here to make up for lost time. They start off talking about Tribute to The Troops which happened to be recorded at Fort Hood where Shahid works. Did he get to meet any of the Superstars? Why did one of his coworkers take a picture with Paige? The guys do get around to talking about two weeks of wrestling but naturally start on Smackdown Live which has been the better brand recently. Are the women running the show on both brands though? Who isn’t looking forward to Asuka vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch? Why have unhinged character’s like Lynch and Charlotte been so popular with the fans? Isn’t it about time that Bayley & Sasha Banks brought up the words “Women’s Tag Tam Champions”? Do they have enough women on both brands to have a tag division without calling anyone up from NXT? How easy has Daniel Bryan‘s transformation been to a heel? Why is The Miz a baby face now even though he hasn’t changed anything about his character? Why are heels like DB and Dean Ambrose resorting to some strange tactics to get booed? Are any man’s testicles safe on Smackdown Live? No testicles were harmed in the recording of this podcast so click the link below.

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