Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 11 March ’19

Union Station Rotunda in Pittsburgh PA. Saved from

The Shield comes out to address the future. I’m just getting a kick out of their new shirt. Gotta sell some merch even if Dean Ambrose doesn’t stick around much longer. Roman Reigns gets the mic first though. He’s ready for his first singles match in 5 months. Reigns gets to give Seth Rollins the hype speech about beating Brock Lesnar.

Rollins gets left in the ring alone. He barely begins his speech when Paul Heyman comes out. Rollins doing Heyman’s schtick was pretty funny. Rollins mentions how many close calls Lesnar has had recently with smaller, faster opponents. Rollins says he’s uniquely built to beat Lesnar. Heyman resorts to another Lesnar video package. I’m all for not seeing the champ every week, but this is getting a bit ridiculous when he can’t even show up for the final push for Wrestlemania. Shelton Benjamin comes in and attacks Rollins from behind.

They end up having a match after a commercial break. Paul Heyman is on the head set to continue his selling of the Lesnar vs Rollins at Wrestlemania. Benjamin keeps getting put in “tough out” matches where it’d help jump start his career again but he’s just going to leave TV again for months on end. The Stomp almost out of nowhere for the win.

Finn Balor comes out as Seth Rollins is leaving ringside. Bobby Lashley‘s detached head on the Titantron. He comes out as a whole person for a match with Balor after a commercial. They have really been mixing up the flow of the show in the last few weeks. Lashley dominates early with power. Balor finally starts to show off his speed with quick strike offense. Lashley is wearing down Balor after a break. Balor fires up for a second time and uses his spin again. Balor gets caught charging Lashley. He picks up Balor and rams him into the turn buckles. Lashley charges this time so Balor Slingblade’s him. Lio Rush comes out and starts ringing the bell. Balor goes after Rush. Balor spring boards into the ring. Lashley spears him in the process and wins the Intercontinental Championship. I’m not usually a fan of title Hot Potato but I don’t mind it in this case.

Baron Corbin gets a one on one match against Roman Reigns. Corbin’s comments really weren’t that harsh. He didn’t wish that he had lost his battle with Leukemia.

Ronda Rousey comes out to address the WWE Universe. She’s continuing along the line of the WWE being a joke and that Charlotte & Becky Lynch can’t really fight. Dana Brooke comes out to defend the locker room. Brooke challenges her to a match. She quickly gets whooped. Ronda isn’t going to “show us the Arm Bar.” Hahaha, okay. Sure.

Aleister Black & Ricochet are taking on Bobby Roode & Chad Gable. Black gets worked over early. Ricochet comes in and gets to show off what makes him so great. Black tags back in. Richochet drop kicks Gable off the apron. Blackmas on Roode for the win. The Revival attacks Ricochet & Black from behind as they come up the ramp celebrating.

Alexa Bliss gets to introduce the host of Wrestlemania. Of course it’s her. And she wants us to believe she isn’t injured. As much as they’re moving people around brands, couldn’t she wrestle Asuka?

Braun Strowman is going to have some involvement with Colin Jost & Michael Che at Wrestlemania. Better than being in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Braun rips apart the car they got him a make up present from last week.

Elias is ready to play in his home town. He is even breaking out the insults for Pittsburgh. No Way Jose interrupts him. Elias beats up Jose & some of his entourage.

Harlem Heat getting inducted into the WWE HOF will not get as much resistance as Torrie Wilson. It did cause Michael Cole to ask the fantastic question about Booker T “Will he get inducted as GI Bro?”

Natalya is ready to take on Nia Jax. Nattie says that she doesn’t trust Jax or Tamina. She invites out Beth Phoenix. The match doesn’t last long. Phoenix gets involved causing a DQ. Sasha Banks & Bayley attack Jax & Tamina back stage. Adam Pearce did not help break them up. I’m heart broken. He’s down 9-3 with only 4 weeks to make up the deficit.

Batista has protection because he learned from HHH and Ric Flair. Batista wants his match or else he’s going to keep hurting people that HHH loves. Batista knows HHH wants the match but Trips can’t because he isn’t in control of the situation. HHH finally caves and gives him the match at Wrestlemania. Batista wants to end both of their careers at Wrestlemania. HHH informs us that it’ll be a No Holds Barred Match.

Kurt Angle even gets the “You Suck” chant in Pittsburgh. Angle says that his last in ring match will be at Wrestlemania. Weirdly enough, Apollo Crews will be his last opponent in Pittsburgh. Crews got to show off his athleticism but naturally, Angle won with an Angle Slam in fairly short order.

Roman Reigns makes his way down to the ring for his match. Drew McIntyre ends up attacking Reigns out of the blue before the match. They’re stealing a page out of New Japan’s book. Reigns tries to fight back but a Claymore flattens him. McIntyre gives him a second one into a ring post.

Dean Ambrose ends up challenging McIntyre to a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match to main event Raw. They quickly take a few flights up stairs up to fight in the crowd. They’re still in the crowd fight after a commercial. They get back to ring side. McIntyre starts smacking Dean around with the stairs. It’s just a sloppy fight which is fine considering the circumstances. Ambrose back drops McIntyre onto the announce desk. McIntyre gives Ambrose a low blow. He then stabs him in the eye with a pen. McIntyre gives Ambrose a Claymore kick while he’s stuck in a guard rail. McIntyre pins him for the win. They’re finally making Drew dangerous again. Keep him away from Baron Corbin.

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