Stunt Granny Audio 504 – All This Wrestling For What?

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Chris & Kevintalk about all things WWE. they start with the heel turn of Kevin Owens. Is the WWE lacking heels in general with the losses of Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey & Daniel Bryan? Will Kofi Kingston get to keep the WWE Championship longer than a month? Why did the likes of Andrade, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander lose this week? Why did it finally dawn on the WWE main roster that Robert Roode works better as a heel? How will The Miz fare as a baby face since he never got to avenge the pie facing of his father? How is Becky Two Belts doing after her big win at Wrestlemania? Aren’t we all tired of Lynch facing Charlotte? Is there any chance that Lynch loses to Lacey Evans? Does Bayley look like a chump already? Why are the Usos facing off against The Revival without the championships on the line? How many Hall of Famers have less big wins at Wrestlemania than Zack Ryder? Is Bray Wyatt‘s character an improvement? Who else was surprised when AJ Styles beat Baron Corbin? Find out the answers to these questions and much more when you click on the link below.

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