Stunt Granny Audio 517 – AIW, More Bad Booking and One Serious Brock Lesnar Beat Down

eStunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Chris and Kevin got together behind microphones to talk a little bit about their plans to watch Absolute Intense Wrestling‘s Absolution this coming week. They pivot to talk about their regular target, WWE. How bad did the Roman Reigns almost killing look? Will it be worth it for a short term opponent at Summerslam? Why are both Becky Lynch & Bayley being painted in bad lights? Are their opponents Natalya or Ember Moon doing anything to garner fan support? Why not just have Charlotte Flair face Bayley at Summerslam instead of pulling Trish Stratus out of retirement? Didn’t the women have tag team titles? Was it weird that The OC won Gold just weeks after New Day consolidated Gold in their group? Does the men’s tag division look any better than the women’s? Will AEW be a landing spot for the Revival? Should Seth Rollins come back in time for Summerslam from the beating that Brock Lesnar gave him on Monday? Has it at least made Rollins a more compelling story than at any time during his championship reign? Chris & Kevin go long to even slip in some talk about the G1 Climax of New Japan. Click on the link, lots of wrestling fun.

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