Stunt Granny Audio 527 – What The Cuck Is Happening on Raw?

Chris & Kevin ponder the most important question in wrestling this week, what the cuck is going on, on Raw? Why did Rusev get dragged into a cuckolding angle with Bobby Lashley and Lana? Was Maria & Mike Kannelis not enough cuckolding for the WWE writing staff? Why is the WWE stuck in so many situations where both men need a win to turn their characters around? How brutal was the beat down of Rey Mysterio & his son Dominic by Brock Lesnar? How could it lead to the rumored match up with Cain Velasquez in a WWE ring? Is there any chance that Seth Rollins wins at Hell In a Cell now that he has been appointed to Team Hogan at the next Saudi Arabia show? How poorly did that segment go with Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair? Do any fans really want to see these grandfathers wrestling a match again? Is Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks the only other match slated for HIAC on Sunday? Has the show on Fox taken on a life of it’s own? Has AEW gotten the same push from TNT that the WWE is getting from Fox? Will NXT or AEW be watched live by your hosts? Will there be an extra podcast this week with all of this wrestling? Find out by clicking the link below.

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