Stunt Granny Audio 528 – AEW vs NXT: Who Won?

Kevin & Shahid are behind the mics for this episode to continue this crazy week of professional wrestling. They do ask the question of who won but they never really answered the question. They did talk about the revival of Tony Schiavone however. They also talked about how they viewed the shows and how that may have influenced their opinions. Did AEW match the WWE‘s standards of presentation? Were AEW & NXT trying to accomplish different goals with their respective shows? How strange is it that Raw is definitely the B show for the WWE with Smackdown Live going to Fox? Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson actually free from filming right now? Why do Kevin & Shahid talk about Brock Lesnar throwing around Kofi Kingston’s children? Did Shahid give his opinion on the Cuck-gate? Does it have Paul Heyman‘s finger prints all over it? How much has all of this wrestling affected your hosts? Find out by clicking the link below.

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