Stunt Granny Audio 534 – Saudi Arabia Hangover, NXT Takeover of Smackdown & Raw and New Signings

Chris & Kevin got together for a late night podcast. They talk a bit on Kevin’s trip to Akron for AIW 200. They then hit the meat of the show by talking about the ripple effect that Crown Jewel had on Smackdown and later Raw. How does the WWE always seem to come up smelling like roses when something goes sideways like wrestlers being stranded in a foreign country for an extended period of time? Has NXT brought a spice to the normally ho-hum “rivalry” between Raw & Smackdown with Survivor Series looming? How much are the guys looking forward to Shayna Bazler vs Becky Lynch vs Bayley? How awkward would it be if Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar and Adam Cole were in a three way match at SS? How dead and buried is Seth Rollins? Did he finally have a genuine promo this week? What do the guys think the re-signing of Randy Orton happened after he tweeted at Cody & AEW? What do they make of the signing of Scarlett Bourdeaux? What else do they talk about? Click the link below.

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