Stunt Granny Audio 543 – Wrestle Kingdom 14, “New” Faces on Smackdown & Raw and Brock in the Royal Rumble

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Chris & Kevin are back behind the microphones and they’re talking about the oodles of wrestling that took place since their last show. How much of Wrestle Kingdom 14 did Kevin watch? How about Chris? What was the match of the weekend in their estimation? How did Kota Ibushi survive his failed head scissors take over against Kazuchika Okada? Was that the only bad spot of that particular match? As usual, the guys turn to the world of the WWE for the majority of their material. How did the “new” guys turn out on Smackdown and Raw? Will The Usos be running buddies with Roman Reigns for a while? How close is Robert Roode to coming back to fill out Baron Corbin‘s King’s Court with Dolph Ziggler? Was it a good idea for Sheamus to go back to the “Classic” look? Was anyone clamoring for the return of John Morrison? How long ago did he team with The Miz? Will The Big Show work a limited schedule with his return after numerous surgeries? How does Rey Mysterio keep going like he does after his many surgeries? Is there any chance that Brock Lesnar is defending the WWE Championship in the Royal Rumble? Will the WWE pull the trigger on a big surprise for his Wrestlemania opponent? What else do the guys cover? Click on the link below to find out.

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