Stunt Granny Audio 551 – Cody’s Whipping, the Women of WWE and Wrestlemania in LA

Jeremy wanted to get his thoughts about Cody getting his 10 lashes from MJF off his chest so Kevin hit record in the middle of their conversation. They just kept on rolling by talking about one of the weak points of AEW, their women’s division. Does Jeremy think it is getting better? Is there still a Grand Canyon’s worth of difference between them and the women of the WWE? Doesn’t Impact Wrestling have a better women’s division than AEW? What did the guys think about Shayna Bazler biting the neck of Becky Lynch? Who was it an homage to that Bazler committed such a heinous act? Who doesn’t want to see Bianca Belair in the Wrestlemania match with Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair? Will Naomi be the one challenging Bayley at WM? What do the guys think about the possibility of WWE PPV moving to TV? Would they keep the WWE Network? What do the guys think about next year’s Wrestlemania being in Los Angeles? What was the Bell Time Beer of the Show? Find out by clicking the link below!

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