Stunt Granny Audio 550 – AIW – Built To Last

Chris & Kevin signed up to IndependentWrestling.TV to watch Absolute Intense Wrestling‘s latest show, Built To Last. What did they think of the stream on the new service for AIW? Did they get to take advantage of any other streams with their free 5 days? They move on to talk about the event from start to finish. How was Zach Thomas vs Chase Oliver? Is Dominic Garrini taking a back seat due to his appearances in MLW? Was his turn on Big Twan Tucker the bigger story of the night more than his loss to VSK? How good was the third match between Lee Moriarty vs Alex Shelley? Will they be blazing new trails as a tag team? Just how different was Super Oprah vs Swoggle than the previous match? How many teams from the tag team scramble did your hosts remember? Would they have preferred a different winner than To Infinity And Beyond? Was it better that AIW had dedicated announcers for this show? Was Allie Kat vs CPA also something very different? Did your hosts finally remember all of the scramble match participants while discussing PME vs Bear Country? How hard hitting was Tom Lawlor vs Jeff Cobb? How was the six man scramble for a main event? Was it expected that Joshua Bishop would book his chance against Matthew Justice in Florida? Enjoy their review by clicking the link below!

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