Stunt Granny Audio 554 – Old Drinking Stories, AEW Revolution and Ricochet

Jeremy & Kevin got together for this SGA to talk about Kevin’s lack of plans on his birthday. That leads them to talk about the days when a birthday meant getting so drunk that you didn’t function well the next day. It also leads them to talk about some of their favorite drinking stories that involved wrestling. They eventually end up talking about AEW Revolution which only Jeremy watched. How easy is it to chime in about an event that you can read reviews and catch clips online? Did things like that keep Kevin away from purchasing the PPV? How well done was the tag team match involving the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Adam Page? Haven’t the Young Bucks always been characters who should be booed? Were the two most advertised matches, Cody vs MJF and Chris Jericho vs Jon Moxley, up to the standard the tag team match established? How cringe worthy was Nyla Rose vs Kris Statlander? Did they have problems with their match because neither of them faces off against someone their own size? Can both AEW & WWE stop cutting away from action to show someone typing away on their cell phone? Jeremy & Kevin finally talk about WWE. How mind numbing is the decision to have Ricochet lose to Riddick Moss? Will we finally get to enjoy Matt Hardy again now that he let his WWE contract expire? What else did the guys cover in this episode? A lot so click on the link below.

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