Stunt Granny Audio 555 – More Coronavirus, Michelle McCool and Edge

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Chris & Kevin are behind the mic this week and they’re continuing the coronavirus talk and how it might affect Wrestlemania. For now the WWE is staying the course which is the most Vince McMahon thing ever, right? What would happen if WM helped spread this pandemic? What are international fans options if WM is indeed cancelled? How could this affect the independent wrestling events around WM? Was Kevin in perfect coronavirus breeding ground when he attended NXT this past week? How was the show? Why did HHH then have to accept an award at the Arnold Classic in front of almost no one just days later in nearly the same space? What did the guys think of the actual WWE product starting with the luke warm main event of the Elimination Chamber. Can it both help Shayna Bazler get over as a bad ass yet still be boring? Can the hosts of this show sing the praises of Asuka any more? What are we to think of AJ Styles invoking Michelle McCool‘s name? Are we still watching Undertaker matches because he almost went to a Starcast once? Can the EC PPV end on a non-Elimination Chamber match? Is the Edge vs Randy Orton build still on track? Was it bad that MVP got involved with a few nonsense lines? What else did the guys cover? Find out by clicking the link below.

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