Stunt Granny Audio 577 – Coronavirus in WWE, Booking Philosophy and Raw Review

The world of wrestling was an oyster this week for Chris & Kevin. They decided to start by talking about a member of the WWE roster testing positive for COVID-19. How is that already affecting their TV taping schedule? Will Bayley “Dos Straps” and Sasha Banks be able to make it through this grueling schedule? Is their taping schedule compact because of Vince McMahon? Why did the WWE have Ric Flair show up at the Performance Center when there won’t be any follow up against Christian? Will Randy Orton be positioned as a challenger to Drew McIntyre in the near future? Will the WWE booking philosphy really change much no matter who happens to be in control, including Bruce Pritchard? When do your hosts think Tony Kahn took control of creative in AEW? Is he truly the first “new mind” in wrestling booking in the last few decades? Can Pritchard claim success for the better parts of Raw last night when Paul Heyan guided most of that material? Will Bobby Lashley get to conquer McIntyre? Why would anyone join MVP‘s stable if they’re going to keep losing too? Will we finally see Dominic Mysterio in a WWE ring? What else did the guys cover? Find out by clicking the link below.

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