Stunt Granny Audio 587 – Marty Jannetty, Brandi Rhodes and Pat McAfee

Chris & Kevin are coming at you later in the week than normal but it will be the new normal soon. They start off by talking about the bizarre admission from Marty Jannetty that he killed someone 47 years ago. Could this be the rantings of someone with widely known substance abuse issues? The details Jannetty has subsequently provided indicate that it could be true. Brandi Rhodes provided us with another bizarre but true story by introducing a women’s empowerment plan for AEW’s female fans. The women of AEW aren’t featured on TV so how well will they be featured on this new venture? Chris & Kevin do talk wrestling to wrap up the show. They throw out their thoughts on Raw Underground, Retribution and Pat McAfee punting Adam Cole‘s head. Enjoy!

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