Stunt Granny Audio 603 – Impact Wrestling, Bad NXT Call Ups and Writing Flubs

Jeremy & Kevin got together to talk about Impact Wrestling. They discuss how good their women’s division can be. Impact’s men’s division is just too goofy to get invested in. Jeremy just didn’t want to talk about the WWE because of the vast number of botched call ups from NXT to the main roster. We know Matt Riddle has a lawsuit awaiting him so why put him on TV only to lose? Everyone in Retribution qualifies for out “bad NXT call up” list. Mia Yim aka Reckoning now has a “Tweaker” gimmick that does her no favors. The boys discuss how The Hurt Business is just a cool name to give your stable. Jeremy & Kevin discuss bolstering WWE’s tag division with Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin. They wrap up by talking about Rosemary‘s wedding on Impact because it just made sense for this unique show.

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