Stunt Granny Audio 645 – COVID Vaccine, Wednesday Wrestling and Much More

Jeremy & Kevin got together for a lengthy show that covered getting the COVID vaccine. Of course that wasn’t the main topic of conversation, so they turned to Wednesday wrestling. They discuss how much they liked both AEW and NXT this week. Your hosts do bring up issues like Darby Allin beating John Silver, who has star making potential. Minor quibbles aside, they discuss how good Britt Baker is at this time. Jeremy & Kevin explain why they have enjoyed having the Inner Circle off TV to sell a major beat down. As a result, the extra time has built up The Pinnacle. Your hosts move on to NXT so that they can talk about the best division in all of wrestling. That is of course the women’s division who has more tag teams than Raw or Smackdown. Naturally, they do talk about the pull apart confrontation that Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly. Jeremy & Kevin talked about a lot more so just listen to this podcast.

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