Stunt Granny Audio 699 – More AEW & WWE Content, Queen’s Crown and King Of The Ring

Because WWE Smackdown is two and a half hours and AEW Rampage is going to YouTube, Chris & Kevin start there. Your hosts discuss which portions of each show they are looking forward to. Since Bryan Danielson vs Minoru Suzuki is on YouTube at 9, they wonder what the WWE will counter with. Chris & Kevin talk about Rampage being front heavy despite their younger crowd. When your hosts get to WWE content, they start with the Queen’s Crown. They talk about the fact that the matches have been extremely short, which does not help anyone. The short shelf for King of the Ring is not helping its’ participants either. Because they teased Kofi Kingston vs Xavier Woods, Chris & Kevin were let down when it didn’t happen. Your hosts close the show talking about Hell In A Cell being liberated from the dreaded gimmick pay per view.

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