Stunt Granny Audio 761 – More Cody Rhodes, WWE’s Thin Roster and AEW’s Huge Roster

Since Kevin finally found a good time, Shahid is back on the podcast! Since Cody Rhodes is still the talk of wrestling, Shahid gives his thoughts on Cody’s gutsy performance. Because Edge is a baby face again, your hosts talk about how quickly the men’s roster in WWE got thin. Some of the losses are to injuries but they talk about WWE’s poor habit of not elevating enough talent. Kevin & Shahid talk about how the women’s division in NXT is one of the few deep divisions in the company. To continue roster evaluations, your hosts move on to AEW. They talk about AEW having as many wrestlers as WWE with less TV time. To close the show, Kevin & Shahid talk about the WWE’s talents who aren’t cutting it in AEW.

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