Stunt Granny Audio 760 – CM Punk & Cody Rhodes Injuries and Everything Else in Wrestling

Since Jeremy & Kevin were at the helm of the podcast, they kicked off the show rambling as always. It was about wrestling and just how much you could watch on Friday until Monday night. Since Hell In a Cell was a great live show, they talk about the weekly grind of Raw and Smackdown. Since Cody Rhodes injury overshadowed everything else at HIAC, it was the topic of the show. Jeremy & Kevin wondered if Cody was just delusional or if he might actually make it back before Money In The Bank. Your hosts noted that CM Punk has an injury too. Since AEW just did a pair of tournaments, they are creating a convoluted way to make an interim champion. To close the show, they talked about the other big stories in wrestling this week.

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