Stunt Granny Audio 784 – AEW Mess, Worlds Collide and MJF

Since it’s Jeremy & Kevin doing the show, they start off talking about college football coaches salaries. Because the fall out from the CM Punk/The Elite incident took place on AEW Dynamite, they started their wrestling talk there. They talk about their thoughts on how the short tournament will work. With a number of talents not appearing in it, your hosts wonder if ROH championships held some out of it. Jeremy & Kevin took a detour in the middle of the show to talk NXT 2.0. Since the results of Worlds Collide were predictable, your hosts didn’t have much to say about the product. They did speculate on what might happen at next week’s anniversary show. To close the show, Jeremy & Kevin went back to AEW talk and how MJF‘s return got lost with the locker room incident.

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