OK, Some Good News Now

There's more of this below.

There's more of this below.

We fully acknowledge that the last few days we have put up a bunch of links to different items concerning women. Now, the point of this site is not to pimp out softcore and hardcore porn but if the women are hot and barley clothed they are getting coverage.

Colin Vassalo’s, wrestling-online.com, brings us some smoking hot picture’s of Christty Hemme from Loaded Magazine.  You can visit the site or click below for each of the pics.

The magazine has an incredibly artistic pictorial of Christy Hemme on their site. OK, it has nothing to do with art and all to do with sex but when dealing with the insanely hot Ms. Hemme how could it be any other way? Well, we can tell you how; let Playboy do the damn shoot. They’ll make any hot chick look just above normal and then airbrush every interesting flaw or feature out. No such thing here as Christy looks ridiculously hot and has caused one Mr. Dusty Giebink to recoil in to a ball on the floor of his home. There is also an interview attached somewhere but I didn’t bother looking for it. Did I mention they were hot? -Jeremy

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