You Wanna Fight? You Got A Fight.

Droppin Bombs Yo

Droppin Bombs Yo

Our good friend Jason Powell has a report at ProWrestling.Net that says Ken Shamrock is going to be facing Kimbo Slice on the next CBS EliteXC broadcast. Now I know next to nothing about MMA but I do know that Kimbo Slice looks like a total badass. He popped a guy’s ear on the last broadcast and if that isn’t enough he is comfortable enough with himself to rock a skullet braided around his head. If that isn’t a ballsy move then I guess putting out your own YouTube streetfight video would be.

Shamrock hasn’t fought in a meaningful match in forever and based off of my admitted extensive knowledge I see Ken losing. Why? I don’t know and I don’t care. Bring on the fight already.

All joking aside, Ken will probably win and totally screw over EliteXC and CBS’s big marketing plans and future ratings hopes. -Jeremy

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