GLOW Coming Back For No Reason

So Much Sexy

So Much Sexy

In yet another piece of evidence that American media has no original ideas left, PWInsider has some news up about possible resurgence of G.L.O.W. You remember G.L.O.W. right? It was the promotion that was in heavy syndication in the 80’s and featured random women “wrestling.” They wrestled somewhere and they called it Las Vegas even though there was no actual proof of wrestling being done other than climbing in the ring and flopping around like an epileptic wiener dog.

If this comes to fruition this could set back women’s wrestling all the way back to 1950 again. No women’s wrestling is not setting television ratings records but having a promotion centered around women wrestling poorly on a national showcase could be incredibly damaging to the small inroads made by TNA’s Knockout division. I am begging, yes begging, Jason Deadrich and Dave Prazak to do whatever is necessary to get their legitimate promotions, ChickFight and Shimmer, a national TV deal with a large amount of market saturation. Please, just a legit television deal so that people can be exposed to actual wrestling with actual wrestlers. If that sounds snobby then tough shit. Jeremy

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  1. joe stackhouse 2010-03-24 at 12:30 pm #

    omg i remember glow wrestling i was a lil boy im now 36. when glow came on you couldnt pull me away from the tv . i wish they would come back and i dont mean like wwe divas just the way they was it was soooo kool . or atleast show reruns they show reruns of everything else …lol seriously the wrestlers i remember the most are chainsaw and torch … love them they was wild .big bad momma mt fiji farmers daughter and a few others only by face is there any way i could buy them on dvd please let me know thank you for the trip down memory road and for the wonderful memoriers
    much love joey from newjersey

    • joe stackhouse 2010-03-24 at 12:51 pm #

      its me again i just want to say . 3 words to jeremy . GO TO HELL. not everybody hates glow and thinks its a stupid idea glow wrestling is more reealistic than wwe divas any day of the week . atleast glow wrestled wwe divas is just a group of sexy ladies fake wrestling looking liker they gonna break a nail their there for sex appeal not wrestling. i can only pray and wish that they bring glow back . glows loyal fan joey

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